​Welcome! I'm so happy you're here! This is BlissfulCritter.com, an extension of Peaceful Heart & Soul Wellness Center. My name is Justine Gibb. My intention is empowering joyful health and well-being to people and their pets. I do this through Animal Communication, the use of Specific Techniques & Essential Oils. I am an Energy Healer and I love working with animals and their people. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Essential Oils for You and Your Pet


The Dewdrop is a quick and easy protocol designed to support your animal's physical and emotional bodies. It's great for horses, dogs, and cats.

Justine & a Young Living Mare at the Mona Farm in Utah

We love our pets and we want them to be happy and healthy! Oils are a great tool when matched with our other modalities.

Welcome, I'm so Glad You Stopped By!

Show Dogs

Performance Horses

The Dewdrop

We are BlissfulCritter.com, the home of the Dewdrop! The Dewdrop is a technique I created for you and your pet. It's based on the Raindrop Technique originally created by D. Gary Young. The Dewdrop is modified to enable you to apply oils to your animals with ease and maximum benefit. I use this technique on all my animals (cats, dogs, and horses). I teach classes that empower you to use this technique in the comfort of your own home. Always check with your veterinarian before starting a new protocol.

I use only Young Living Essential Oils because of their purity (Seed to Seal guarantee) and because I care about you and your pet! Know the source of your oils. Adulterated essential oil (synthetic) can harm you and your pets and labels can be misleading as there is no oversight in that department. To get started with your own Young Living Premium Starter Kit click here. For help and directions go to our Essential Oils page

Home of the DewDrop

Our Show Dogs are athletes and are prone to stress and physical issues. Essential Oils address both aspects.

Performance horses undergo physical and emotional strain. Oils can bring calm and relief to our sport animals.